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Travel Asia China Choose a trip for New Year Eve in Macao

Choose a trip for New Year Eve in Macao

Macao, China, Skywalk at night

Until 1999 he was overseas colony of Portugal. The most densely populated country in the world is known for gambling, which bring higher incomes than in Las Vegas.

Macao is a Special Administrative Region of China, located in Pearl River estuary from Hong Kong. Historic Centre of Macao was added to the UNESCO Cultural Heritage List in 2005, underlining its strategic and cultural importance over centuries. Portuguese colonial architecture blends perfectly with the specific East Asia.

You will be impressed with its traditional serenity with old Chinese villages and pine forested hills. Much of the "old" Macau is kept on its islands, Taipa and Columns, including construction sites of fishing boats, colonial villas, temples in China and floating fishing communities. However, Macau is now renowned for its enticing visitors who come to casinos in Las Vegas style, both on the peninsula of Macao and the Strip share a slice of land that connects Taipa and Columns islands.

Macau Museum tries to embody the life of this land and its people from the first settlement until today. Museum exhibits include an extensive collection of historical and social. Enjoy panoramic views of Macau Tower, a convention and entertainment center located on the shores of Nam Van Lakes. With a height of 338m, is in the top ten highest towers in the world.

Lighthouse of Guia Hill

You will see the oldest lighthouse on the coast of China, built in 1637 and still operational. It is used to warn the city of impending typhoons. Nearby, is a fascinating series of bunkers during the war and a small museum that tells the story of those who served here. A path around the hill with views over the city and its bays, there is a cable car running down the hill.

Old town

Awarded UNESCO World Heritage in 2005, the old town has eight squares and 22 historic buildings. Strip paved slopes markets and energy combine architectural drama, Cantonese dialect flavors and culinary delicacies in southern China. A short walk, you'll find Camões Garden, named after the favorite poet of Portugal, Luis de Camões.

7 countries at your table

You will enjoy Portuguese cuisine dishes from China, Japan, Korea and Indonesia. Local food is spicy, a unique combination of cooking methods from China and Portugal, with influences of Indian and African spices. Portuguese wines red and white, champagne vinho green and popular brandies are available here.


• Bacalhau (cod, grilled or boiled).
• Caldo Green and alentejana soup (soups rich).
• African Galinha spicy barbecue (chicken in Africa).
• Galinha A Portuguesa (baked chicken with potatoes, onions, egg and saffron).
• Minche (minced meat with onions and fries).

A 10% service charge is added to bills in restaurants and hotels. You can leave a small tip.

Nightlife is concentrated in hotels and casinos. Many casinos have cabaret, Portuguese folk dance, lively dance bands, discos, bars and international menus. Music club has local influences, but also Cantonese, Mandarin, Thai and Japanese. An alley with lively bars developed along Avenida Dr. Sun Yat-sen, Kun Iam Statue addition, the Filipino bands singing every night. Gambling is a great attraction for visitors. Casinos are open 24 hours, providing famous entertainers, baccarat, blackjack, roulette.