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Bank of China Tower

Hong Kong, China, Bank of China Tower overview

The tower of the Bank of China is a seventy-story component skyscraper in Hong Kong with a total height of 369 meters (including the antennas on the roof ). Upon completion of construction in 1990 was the building of the Chinese American living architect Ming Pei Ieoh the highest in Asia-b-.


The structure has a square base with four triangular prisms of unequal height placed. Clearly visible is the frame of diagonals, the weight of the building to transfer to the four major also prominent corner pillars and the fifth central pillar. As a result, no further internal supports needed. The frame is also made by the cross-shaped diagonals capable of withstanding wind loads of typhoons with wind speeds up to 230 kilometers per hour.


The central hall of the building covers less than fourteen floors. The skyscraper is connected to the rest of the city exploded by a plinth of two floors, through which the building from two opposite sides can be accessed. On the top floor is a viewing platform to find which is reserved for private gatherings. The public observation deck is located on the 43 floor.


The building is near the Hong Kong Shanghai Bank. It is said that the Bank of China with its building competes with Hong Kong Shanghai Bank, the shape of the Bank of China Tower, by the sharp edges compared with the shape of a machete, in the direction of the building the Hong Kong Shanghai Bank notes. The architect Pei says, however, to symbolize the growth of bamboo, which stands for vitality and progress.
The building provides today the skyline of Hong Kong, not just during the day but the evening, when the pattern on the facade is illuminated. It is also used as a model for the "Communications Research Center" from the TV series Star Trek.