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Yale University Art Center

Yale Center, Connecticut, U.S.A., Library

Yale University Art Gallery is the first great masterpiece of architect Louis Kahn. The Art Gallery is located on the campus of Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut in America. The building was opened in November 1953 as the "Yale University Art Gallery and Design Center” and provided a place for large exhibition spaces and studios for art work and architecture students. The design is praised by the beauty, geometry and special lighting effect.

Kahn gave the building a powerful geometric shape and volume, strongly contrasting with the surrounding neo-Gothic university buildings. The four-story rectangular box has a functional component design and is constructed of the materials for that time modern steel, concrete and glass. Interestingly is the monolithic brick wall on the street side of the building, which radically breaks with the historical context of the campus. This massive, smooth stone wall is interrupted by horizontal bands witch accentuates the floors. The horizontal effect of the wall emphasizes the flow of traffic in Chapel Street. By critics the dense wall was labeled "brutalist".

The massive wall on the street is in stark contrast to the elegant glass and steel facades erected. By applying these glass walls was created a nice change from the inside out. Through the huge windows is from each floor overlooking the sculpture garden with trees, and behind it the historic university buildings.

The interior is characterized by 'power' and 'elegance'. The concrete structure is left visible, and for covering were used wood. The most striking feature of the interior is the ceiling grid of hollow concrete tetrahedrons, which was then very innovative home ventilation. The shadows of the three sided pyramids represent the different areas of the building and have a mystical atmosphere.

Over time, the Yale University Art Gallery underwent to several renovations and expansions. In 1965 the building was partly converted into a design center. In 1971 there were a large classroom and exhibition spaces to the building added to accommodate the Yale Center for American Art and Material Culture. Between 1974 and 1976, parts of the building was expanded and renovated. A year later, finally an underground classroom was built under the sculpture. In 2006 the Yale University Art Gallery was restored and many of the changes are undone. This renovation is the strong design of Kahn to its former glory.

Today, the Art Gallery have rooms for more than 40,000 artworks, including American art, 20th century art, old masters, a collection of drawings and photographs, Greek and Roman classics and pre-Columbian and African art.