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Travel America U.S.A. The Iron Horse of California - The Golden Gate Bridge

The Iron Horse of California - The Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco, U.S.A., Golden Gate Bridge from Baker Beach at night

The Golden Gate Bridge is the symbol of the American city of San Francisco and an icon of the bridge architecture. The honorable impossible suspension bridge was built in four years time. The design was created by a team led by engineer Joseph Strauss.

The first proposal for a bridge between the San Francisco Peninsula and the north was already done in 1872, but the idea was a press campaign really was launched in 1916. Strauss was responsible for gathering resources, which in 1928 succeeded him. He convinced the financiers for the construction of 2780 meters long bridge.

Construction began in 1933. The location, the "Golden Gate" or "the gateway to the Pacific", brought some difficulty with it. The location 20 km of a crack in the crust and at the mouth of an ocean caused strong currents, winds and tidal changes. This allowed hitherto unprecedented demands on the foundation and superstructure of the bridge.

The foundation was the most difficult, because the pillars in the open seas on them. For reinforcement, a concrete ring was built, where the pillars were poured. After closing the rings were built under water a concrete "floor".

The pylons of the bridge were sixty percent in the open air at a workshop in Pennsylvania produced. In this way the straightness and accuracy needed to be improved. For transport, the hulks dismantled and through the Panama Canal and along the coast to their destination. In 1937 the bridge was opened.

The Golden Gate Bridge spans a surface of 1280 meters wide. The towers are 225 meters high and the cables almost 1 meter in diameter. Besides the technical execution was also the designer of the bridge for that period a groundbreaking. Elements such as street lighting, railings and footpaths are in art deco style implementations, particularly the striking orange color is an international symbol of the bridge.