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The Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon, Arizona, U.S.A., Landscape

The Grand Canyon is a phenomenon of "wonder" and has some kind of air of stars and therefore it was named the most famous world classic national park. This piece of landscape is a busy icon within the limits of the United States with over 5 million visitors a year. Go, give your eyes open and keep your camera ready.

For many, the images and the view have an immense impression. The Grand Canyon is known for its photogenic status and everywhere is something to see. On the northern edge at sunset you will enjoy the best views the Grand Canyon has to offer.

But this park is more than just watch, it's the ancient rocks between your fingers feel during a climb or the speed of the Colorado River in a raft boat undergo.

Inside the park there are three camps, of which Grand Canyon Village is the largest with 500 seats.

Are you looking for an alternative view of the Canyon, you can contact the Hualapai Tribe, an Indian tribe that will show to you the Grand Canyon from a different perspective.

For those who have expectations to see some animals to you can go to see the Condor near Vermillion Cliffs.