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Travel America U.S.A. Nashville - the birthplace of country music

Nashville - the birthplace of country music

Country Music Birthplace, Nashville, Tennessee, USA, Mural

Nashville was founded in 1779, during the War of Independence of the United States. Its name was given in honor of General Francis Nash, who died two years before the Battle of Germantown.
American capital of Tennessee is the undisputed Mecca of country music, of which the inhabitants are very proud. Almost all country music stars are related in some way to the city Nashville.

Country music, also called white man's blues, has its roots in English folk music and Irish folk music, brought in the United States, by British immigrants in the early twentieth century. On this basis, has developed in the late `20, hillbilly style. The name refers not only to how music sounds and singers but, ironically designated with the nickname of "ordinary people". This hearing pleasant music enchanted the Americans, and when the radio come up, hillbilly could be heard across America, from New York to San Francisco. During the Second World War, the main site of hillbilly music was the city Nashville. During this time Hank Williams, Roy Acuff and singer Kitty Wells were considered the biggest stars of the genre. Texts they composed ballads spoke of longing and loneliness of people who cross the country in search of work.

In the 50s, since it appeared rock `n` roll, hillbilly performers have replaced the banjo, with the electric guitar and record companies have launched the new name by "Western" and "Country". In Nashville they performed, Roy Orbison and Jerry Lee Lewis and Loretta Lynn, Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton. But the title by 'biggest star of country music' went to Johnny Cash - the eternal dressed in black. He became the idol of American subculture, the artist engaged in the struggle for Native American rights, and other social groups suffering from discrimination.

What deserves to be seen:
- State Capitol;
- Pantheon;
- Country Music Gallery;
- Rebuilt settlement between the city Nashville establishment;
- Ryman Auditorium.

What you should know:
- In 1969 the legendary Johnny Cash performed a concert here San Quentin prison. The album "At San Quentin" recorded on this occasion is most successful, career performer;
- So-called "steel-guitar" is a kind of lute electrical which produces a characteristic howl;
- Nashville is a very important communications hub, at this point, meet five U.S. highways.

The climate:
- Is temperate humid with hot summers and wet;
- Average temperature: 3 degrees Celsius in January, 27 degrees Celsius in July;
- The average annual rainfall is 1201 mm.