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Travel America U.S.A. Molokini - island where people have made friends with sharks

Molokini - island where people have made friends with sharks

Ocean Paradise, Molokini, Hawaii, Scuba diving

In the archipelago off Hawaii is an island surrounded by reefs, the extraordinary form: Molokini Island, crescent-shaped.

Perhaps that would be overlooked if he would form inside crescent of open water ocean basin, but away from dangerous currents and very attractive for the entire marine fauna and - especially - for amateur divers who can watch without risks they involve any current under Big Picture.

The island, with a diameter of only 600 meters, so small as it is, draws tourists from around the world and is one of the favorite destinations of researchers fauna and especially the divers of any kind.

To avoid damaging the ecological landscape, Hawaiian authorities have banned construction of hotels on the island. As a result, tourists staying in hotels in Maalaea Bay, an island close. From there they halt for a day, transportation is done, of course, only on water.

Circulation boat to the island of Molokini doing but subject to heavy traffic, it is regulated as a highway, being limited to a lane marked by buoys.

For berthing, precise locations are established, avoiding not only overcrowding, but also the damage to the ocean floor by anchors placed without any rule.

Tourists found the island uninhabited. She is reserved and today their all and the lack of local populations that would stalk and that tourists, arriving in Europe or America, are not aggressive in relation to wildlife in the area, friendly behavior caused by aquatic beings.

Even predators such as sharks, allow movies, photos and even comforted by their friends, tourists, do not do any harm, with their strange machines, wielding it around.

Maybe sharks have forgotten that, in the distant past, Hawaiians visited the island, very friendly fisheries. At that time, they captured seabird’s course for their meat, and gathering eggs from nests built around.

The island has a volcanic origin and in the crater, which still exists in the ocean lead lives of about 260 marine species, some of which are unique. The waters of Molokini Island are the home to approximately 38 species of coral and 100 species of algae.

Given this small universe of well-preserved nature, the U.S. authorities, who are subordinated to Archipelago Hawaii, decided to prohibit fishing, do not allow taking, feeding or removal of any specimens and animals.