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Travel America U.S.A. Lesser known things in New York

Lesser known things in New York

New York, U.S.A., Grand Central Station Eagle

Much has been written about New York. Very frequently, the same attractions for tourists declared like ground zero, empire state building and others. But there are many more fun and familiar things to see in New York.

Grand Central is a train station in central New York on 42nd Street. If you walk into it this information is available at the window if a map here. If you go in further inward and upward will have been surprised by the beautiful painting on the ceiling. This was painted by French artist Paul Helleu. It is a painting with all zodiacal signs and 2500 stars in it processed. If you are in this hall is right around the corner and walk down you will enter an area where the ceiling is a dome, it is not too large. The moment a man with his face to the wall to stand in a corner and the other in the opposite corner, whispering to each other can easily hear. This is a common way to ask someone to marry.

Macy's department store is already in 1858 in New York City on 6th Avenue and 14th Street. In 1902 she changed her position. They are now on 34th Street around the corner from the Empire State Building. Macy's will in 1924 with 9 floors voted largest department store. The escalators are made of wood, which are already in stinds 1924 and never replaced, but still work just as well. Macy's is not one of the cheapest stores but affordable. There is something for everyone to find, even in eating and drinking. For example, the Macy's include a Starbucks and McDonalds.

John Lennon is a famous artist of the group The Beatles. In 1970 The Beatles are apart but John goes on alone. In the ‘70 John Lennon with his wife decided to settle in New York. The Dakota building where he lived was at 72nd Street. Unfortunately, he was shot in his apartment in 1980. Reminder there is a monument in central park which made getting up Imagine.

FAO Schwarz toy store was the first in New York. Since 1986 FAO Schwarz is on the corner of 58th Street and 5th Avenue. This toy is famous for its unique one-of-a-kind collection. Together with the Toys 'R' Us is the famous FAO Schwarz toy store. In this shop you can include a workshop Muppet to follow and create your own Muppet. Furthermore, there are many different types of candies sold; you can find around 30 species of monopoly, and much more. This store is also the floor piano that Tom Hanks played in the movie 'Big'.

There is also a touring version in the Netherlands so you may see in Europe to. In New York there is a fixed location at 11 Fulton Street. It is located at the seaport; making from this location also has a nice view at the Brooklyn Bridge. At this Bodies Exhibition you can view and learn how your body is looks like from the inside out. It does have real bodies that were given to science. Various body parts and also contain some diseases are on display so you can learn. There are so many medical students go to learn there. There is also a room where all the veins even the smallest ramifications of certain body parts to see what it looks and it is very fascinating.

Just outside the city but easily accessible by subway is the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens on 1000 Washington Avenue. Most obviously outside but inside there is also an area with tropical plants and flowers. Outside flowers, plants and trees there are waters containing turtles and different ways to choose.