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Kimbell Art Museum

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The Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, is one of the masterpieces of architect Louis Kahn. The museum was built between 1967 and 1972 and, because of the simple and timeless design is still celebrated. The power of design lies in the rhythmic repetition of the arches , attention to detail, beautiful materials and the beautiful light.

The museum consists of sixteen small rectangular boxes with arcades, which are distributed into three groups: two rows of six elements separated by a row of four elements in slots of two meters wide separating the individual boxes of each. While the three groups gather Kahn has glass top slots, to show that

Share constructive separated the horizon on the west side moved toward the middle elements, creating a courtyard with entrance. On the eastern side, the middle arch on the ground floor is open, allowing a drive-in garage is realized. Also, the first arcs of the north and south wing is open. Besides building rectangular basins are placed.

The museum is constructed with reinforced concrete, which is filled with a sedimentary rock. Kahn used this stone for the outside stairs and into the interior of walls, stairs, railings and parts of the floor. The other floors are made of oak. Besides concrete and stone was stainless steel used for the elevators, kitchen and armrests. The key element of the building is the manipulation of natural light through a notch in the ceiling through the curve of the arch falls. This beautiful light is a dynamic environment.

The building has three levels. The basement contains the mechanical and electrical systems on the ground floor offices and laboratories and on the top floor of the exhibition halls was established an auditorium, a library, a bookshop and a relaxation area. The museum collection includes works by Picasso, Caravaggio, El Greco, Rembrandt, Monet, Gainsborough, Vigee-Lebrun, Rubens and Mondrian. There is also a collection of Greek and Roman classics, and an Asian collection.

In 2010 was started with an expansion of the museum, which was designed by Renzo Piano Building Workshop. This new building will be achieved west of the original museum. The new building of the office of Renzo Piano will be with great respect for the design of Kahn and realized in terms of height, scale and material use is equal to the original museum. Through a glass facade, the visitors can see in the new building in constant contact with Kahn's masterpiece. The new building will be completed in 2012 and doubled the area of exhibition space.