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Travel America U.S.A. Incredible hotels in Las Vegas - the city of luxury and opulence

Incredible hotels in Las Vegas - the city of luxury and opulence

Luxury Holiday, Las Vegas, USA, The Bellagio Hotel, Dome view

Planning a vacation in Las Vegas and you want to treat yourself in the most unusual hotels of the city? Las Vegas is not only known for its numerous casinos, but also sophisticated hotels with tourists who delight all warm.

Usually, hotels in Las Vegas are highlighted by luxury, opulence and absolutely unprecedented detail.

"The Venetian"

The Venetian hotel and casino is at the same time. It is inspired by the beauty of Venice, which is underlined by the lake that surrounds and gondolas that ride along it.

Rooms are spacious, sophisticated and modern. Everything in the hotel you will find a restaurant with products that tastier and more flavorful, made, of course, renowned chefs.

"The Bellagio Hotel"

Bellagio hotel is built and furnished in Mediterranean style, luxurious and ultra-sophisticated.

The hotel is near a garden of 38,000 square meters with only trees and inside it there is a spa, six heated swimming pool and a chapel for weddings.

These details propel The Bellagio among the most popular hotels in Las Vegas.

"Wynn Las Vegas"

Built in 2005 by Steve Wynn, the hotel is a unique blend of beauty, comfort and exquisite luxury.

While you are heading to the hotel, you are completely absorbed by a huge waterfall, a golf course, a lake and an incredible Ferrari store.

Once you staying at this hotel, the staff will make sure to treat yourself to the finest detail and give you a dream vacation, all inclusive.

At Wynn Las Vegas you will find a very varied menu (Italian cuisine to the Asian), a bar and a club open 24 hours, and events hall, where live performances are held all the time.

"Caesars Palace"

Caesars Palace is a perfect harmony between modern and antique classic elegance. All rooms in the hotel are equipped with king-size beds, LCD TVs, bathrooms with Jacuzzi etc.

On the ground floor there is a casino and a huge auditorium.