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Travel America U.S.A. In the heart of America - Washington

In the heart of America - Washington

America Holiday, Washington, Grand Army of the Republic Memorial

Tourists who choose to spend their holiday in the United States must go at least once in the capital. Nowhere else in American the symbol of this country are not present like in the capital. If you like history, and you're also a fun enthusiast, Washington is the right destination for you.

Shopping in Washington with little money

One way to renew your wardrobe with designer clothes is to take advantage of reductions that occur during holidays: Memorial Day, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving, July 4, Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day.

Shopping enthusiasts are able to roam all day shopping, going generally Potomac Mills outlet sites, Arundel Mills or Leesburg Pike, located outside the city, at a distance of 30 to 40 minutes. Huge shopping centers concentrate a large number of stores, with prices much lower than in Washington, reaching 50% discount. Potomac Mills brings together over 200 of the biggest names in retail trade.

Where we eat and have fun in Washington

Chinatown offers a cosmopolitan dining experience with an indescribable bustle and Asian restaurants and more. Try Chinese chicken salad with walnuts and sushi from Zengo, an Asian restaurant profile. A tasty main dish for carnivores can be made from different varieties of meat (pork, beef, ribs, etc.), along with seals and exotic fruit flamed served on chopsticks.

All the gourmets authentic seafood restaurants based on attracting clients by fresh fish and seafood to Boston. Portions in restaurants are huge and the prices quite low. Enjoy a pizza or Caesar salad Cheesecake Factory and enjoy a quiet stunning good dessert.

In restaurants tips oscillates between 15 and 20% of the consumptions. If you're dining in a restaurant with pretensions, the tip (gratuity) is passed bill.

When you go to evening entertainment oriented you have to elected local rules. The clubs do not accept access in sneakers. Protocol attire is casual or evening dress for ladies and suit with tie for gentlemen. If you like dancing, try The Club Park, located downtown on K Street.

Sights of Washington

Museums are concentrated in the center of DC's, so win precious time in a tour of the main sights. They are in a large park in the capital, the National Mall.

Entering the White House is free, but to get a tour must make a special request to be accepted by a member of Congress within 6 months. Individual tours are held in the morning until 12.30 pm, excluding Sundays and holidays. Any tour the White House may have last minute cancellations.

Everything here runs special programs for the children that are involved even the President and First Lady of America, such as the celebration of Easter: White House Easter Egg Roll.

If you're first in Washington, visit at least once the National Gallery of Art and History Museum. The first one was built in the late '30s and hosts some of the finest collections of Western painting and sculpture from around the world.

The National Museum of Women in the Arts (NMWA) is unique in that it is dedicated exclusively to recognizing the contributions of women in the world of art (visual arts, literary arts, theater and entertainment).

An interesting museum with special programs for adults and children is the Spy Museum, located in Central DC. It is the first museum in the U.S. dedicated to espionage and the only one in the world that Fera a global perspective on the profession. Fun main museum is the aptitude test that shows you how good spy you. But it will cost you a fee. History-loving tourists can find plenty of information in the Washington Holocaust Museum.

The museum is located near some of Washington's key monuments: the Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam War Memorial, Memorial of the Second World War, Washington Monument. In Alexandria, about 15 minutes from DC, it has to be visited the George Washington Masonic Memorial.