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Brooklyn Bridge

New York City, U.S.A., Brooklyn Bridge, Pietonal way

Built between 1869 and 1883 the Brooklyn Bridge is located in New York City in the United States of America and is a suspension bridge .The bridge was designed by the company of cable makers John August Roebling and his son, Washington Roebling August, also had to design suspension bridges.


The idea for a bridge between New York and Brooklyn had been mooted-b-, but was due to the large numbers of sailing ships that plied the East River considered impossible. After the river in the winter of 1866-1867 completely froze and the speed of the ferry service became impossible, in the summer of 1867 a bill for the establishment of the New York Bridge Company was adopted. On May 23, 1867, John August Roebling assumed as chief engineer.
Roebling was a proposal for a suspension bridge with a central span of 486 meters. Many doubted his design, because the surge a half times longer than the currently longest bridge ever built, the Cincinnati-bridge. J. A. Roebling died in 1869 and his son Washington Roebling August the baton.


The construction of the bridge was accompanied by a large number of innovations, most of which were invisible. For example, the sinking of the caissons and digging the foundations for the towers 82 meters high was never showed performance. The steel cables that carry the Brooklyn Bridge were remarkable for that time. Each cable consisted of 5282 steel wires in nineteen strands were processed and delivered as a 40 cm thick cable formed. The electroplating process that was first used in work on the cables for the Brooklyn Bridge and was later patented. At the anchorages, the cables to massive iron fetters on four cast-iron anchor sunk into granite slabs were attached next to the main suspension cable and the hangers, the Brooklyn Bridge is all wired.
The renewed activity had a large number of risks and hardships as a result. Twenty-seven workers were killed by a fall from the cables or contracting the bends. WA Roebling was also the disease itself, which was caused by too rapid decompression in the deeper sinking occasions.


The official opening on May 24, 1883 was a tremendous event, businesses and schools were closed. Mayor Abram S. Hewitt said at the opening the following words: "This bridge was not only based on knowledge and scientific understanding can be built ... in the development, design and implementation of this building are the faith of the saint and the courage of the hero united."