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Travel America U.S.A. 7 things not to do in New York

7 things not to do in New York

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New York is considered one of the most beautiful and most developed cities in the world. But, like any top tourist destination, the city has some minuses or tourist traps. To have a rewarding stay in New York, avoid those things, services or places that have acquired a negative reputation.

Here are 7 things not to do in New York:

1. Do not ride a bicycle taxis (pedicab)

In New York, a means of transport are taxis tourists on bicycle (pedicab). These, however, are known as some of the biggest tourist traps in New York. Articles appeared in the American press about cases where tourists were asked several hundred dollars for a 10-minute walk.

Some people who provide such transport small print pass rate on the risk held by bike and add hidden charges at the end of the journey. Another tactic to fool the tourists is using different fees: starting fee, fee per person, road tax, fee, block, etc. In this way, customers are lost in calculations and wake up with huge amounts at the end of the journey.

2. Avoid shopping in Times Square

Times Square is a recommended place to shop because of excessively high prices. Thus, something bought in famous Times Square can be found elsewhere in the city at a cost of 7 or less. The same is true for u meal taken in the restaurant in Times Square.

3. Do not take a carriage ride in Central Park

One leisure offerings in Central Park is the carriage ride. Such an offer is made especially for tourists, not locals, but said many people disappointed by the experience. Carriage and blanket are among the cleanest, walking is boring, and the price can be steep.

4. Do not visit any museum in New York

New York has many museums and art galleries, but some of the most famous were able to gain a negative reputation. The most disappointing museums in New York are the Museum of Sex and Madame Tussaud's.

5. Do not eat in a local restaurant chains

Chain restaurants in New York are considered tourist traps many visitors to the city. Restaurants such as TGI Fridays, Dylan's Candy, Carmine's, Circle Line, Olive Garden, Ellen's Dinner, Outback disappoint tourists with bad food and high prices. Especially restaurants in Midtown Manhattan are known as the worst.

6. Do not play games on the street

There are places on the street or in the park where they play chess or cards. Such places, however, are frequented by thieves who know how to steal wallets of careless.

7. Do not buy souvenirs from anywhere

In New York there are many souvenir shops with items that are engraved name of the city. However, as elsewhere, many goods are of dubious quality and are priced unreasonably high. If you want to have a memorial in New York, go on a non-touristic area of the city, regular stores and buy from there at an affordable price something you like.