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Travel America U.S.A. 5 tips for visiting the United States capital - Washington

5 tips for visiting the United States capital - Washington

Visiting US Capital, Washington, USA, City overview

Although many tourists prefer to visit New York, the city that I have admired him in many movies, we recommend you not miss any Washington, United States Capital.

Although Washington has a large number of people (about 19 million) assure you that Washington has a special charm.

In the following, we present some tips for a trip to grade 10 in Washington.

1. Do not panic

If you have only two or three days reserved for Washington, try not to fall into the trap that caught many tourists leave. I mean do not try to see everything in a short period of time for the risk to you get a headache and later you will not mention anything of this journey.

2. Plan all

It is preferable to make your time a list of the most important places in Washington. Remember that some sites can be visited only with an appointment in advance (White House). You can also buy tickets in advance to tour Capitol Visitor Center, and the Washington Monument, Holocaust Museum and Museum of espionage.

3. Do your Internet

Want to know what is happening in the city during your visit? If you enter on you will find a complete list of events. Also on this site you can find different packages available for Washington: cheap accommodation in hotel, restaurant reservations etc.

4. Use public transportation

Number of parking is limited in Washington, so we recommend you leave your car in the hotel and use public transport with confidence. I warned that prices are quite high compared to many other world capitals. A subscription with unlimited number of trips available for one day cost you $ 7.80, and 26.40 dollars a week.

Bus fares, DC Circulator, cost a dollar. The bus passes through Georgetown, Capitol Hill, Union Station, Capitol Riverfront, Adams Morgan and U Street.

5. Most attractions are free

Many of Washington's attractions are free of charge: monuments, exhibitions, museums, etc.. It also organizes numerous outdoor music festivals and other cultural events that do not charge any fee. A list of over 100 free objectives, you can find