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Travel America Mexico Isla Mujeres - Holidays in the Mayan reef

Isla Mujeres - Holidays in the Mayan reef

Isla Mujeres, Mexico, Clear waters with boats

This summer, your vacation can take you on an island in what defines great, giving you a unique experience: Isla Mujeres. Caribbean landscape beauty blends her most precious treasures, tropical jungle and Mayan civilization heritage, archaeological remains and marine parks with coral reefs.

Isla Mujeres is said that time passes more slowly, following his path and unperturbed. It is a small island with a length of 7 km and a width of less than 1 km. Once here, you seem to travel in the past in this land where tourists enjoy peace and relaxation. Once a fishing village, Isla Mujeres is now seeking tourists worldwide for its unique charm and white beaches. Evening streets are filled with families who gathered in houses in Caribbean style, in shops, cafes and restaurants on the island, relaxing and tasting fresh fish dishes.

In Isla Mujeres is said ceremonies took place dedicated to the god of fertility, according to Mayan legend. But the island's special charm comes from the beautiful beaches, coral reefs and lagoon in the middle of them. If you want to get tan on his most famous beach, in Playa de Norte you need to go. Water sports lovers can dive in El Garrafon Reef. Posada del Mar is preferred by those who choose to marry or to spend their honeymoon in tropical gardens near the beach.