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Travel America Mexico Guanajuato - colorful city of mummies

Guanajuato - colorful city of mummies

City of Mummies, Guanajuato, Mexico, City colored buildings2

One of the curiosities of Mexico is the picturesque town of Guanajuato. Conquistadors built in 1546, shortly after the conquest of Mexico; the city is today a kaleidoscopic appearance, unmatched in any other part of the world.

Length region, whose capital is Guanajuato, is lost, of course, far into the mists of time. Tribes lived here or have retired in the coming Spanish mountains or were destroyed.

The oldest remains discovered in the area, dating from the eighth century BC III It seems that when the 111 was embalmed and very well preserved mummies discovered during some research. All mummies belong to women. Why mummified ancestors of these places only women is a secret not yet found anyone and it may not ever find someone.

Construction is due to the city by the Spanish discovery of the rich deposits of silver and its exploitation for decades, until exhaustion.

At the beginning of last century, the appearance of the houses, set on rock, was monotonous. A factory colors, installed shortly after the war, gave owners the idea, and the possibility to diversify properties, painting them with paints produced by local industry.

He thought each color which resembles the neighbor gives him more personality, which by the way is not wrong.

So the city came not have even two houses painted exactly the same color. The result is what you see, a unique city where every house a different color shines.

Maybe multicolored appearance of the city had not attracted much attention, if it was placed on the hill, as if to see them all constructions.

The municipality did not accept to be painted colorful statue on top, which is Domnina city.

Pride of ownership is to distinguish each other, in color.

Other monuments but they have missed multicolor dyeing, even the roofs of buildings.

Discreet access to the museum is also painted mummies.