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Travel America Canada What to visit if you arrive in Montreal

What to visit if you arrive in Montreal

Montreal, Canada, Biosphere

Montreal is one of the most spectacular cities in Canada, a must see destination for tourists who walk on the territory of this country. A romantic space and also cosmopolitan Montreal offers a wealth of attractions that draw visitors from around the world annually. Why should you get to visit you in Montreal, is still!

1. Old Montreal

If you are looking for cultural attractions, know that you will surely find in the old city of Canada, suggestively called Old Montreal (Vieux-Montreal). Here you will walk the streets with beautiful cubic stone that are aligned boutiques, restaurants and even buildings dating from the eighteenth century!

The area was declared a historic district in 1964 and was, therefore, carefully preserved, so today here you can walk in horse-drawn carriages that will allow you to admire sights such as Place d'Armes, Place Jacques-Cartier (with Bonsecours Market and City Hall) and, of course, the old port.

2. Old Port

Once in the Old Port (Vieux-Port) of the city of Montreal, allow yourself to abide to fully admire the beauty. Port of Saint-Laurent River annually attracts more than 7 million tourists and is considered, rightly, as one of the main attractions of the Canadian metropolis.

Old port, though unused, is the heart of Montreal city culture. Here, visitors find an abundance of entertainment options, from cinema with IMAX technology at the Center for Science and Technology in Montreal, hundreds of cafes and Montreal Clock Tower.


What could be more fascinating than a city underground? Montreal enjoys such a unique place, located beneath the hubbub of the streets of the metropolis. RESO is his name and includes over 30 kilometers of passages that connect the city's subway lines and provides a welcome haven for tourists are looking for a space to take shelter from hot summer or cold winter.

RESO includes thousands of boutiques and suites, more than 200 restaurants, and 34 cinemas and is a true tourist attraction, especially as it is also considered an architectural jewel.

4. Park Mont-Royal

Mont-Royal Park, which was named after the Canadian city, became a symbol of the metropolis and the place where locals and visitors alike escape the bustle of the city. Here people can ride bicycles, jog or picnic. Should not be ignored any possible climbing on Mount Royal in the summer, where thousands of people gather to dance and sing.
5. Montreal Botanical Garden

In its 80 years of existence, botanical garden of Montreal became the world's third largest and is certainly one of the most interesting places to visit in the Canadian metropolis. The garden covers an area of 75 hectares, hosts thousands of species of plants and includes 30 themed gardens (including the largest Chinese garden located outside Asia).

Between September 11 and November 1, botanical garden Magic of Lanterns Festival organizes a not to miss event for tourists are in Montreal fall.