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Travel America Canada Quebec City - European settlement in North America

Quebec City - European settlement in North America

Quebec City, Canada, Child ice statue at Winter Carnival

Quebec is worth seeing, perhaps more than any other city in all Canada, because of the many sights and especially because of European like air.
Quebec Province is surrounded by Ontario, Saint Lawrence River and the United States. Capital of the whole region is known as Quebec City and is the second largest city of the province, after Montreal.

Easiest way is the highway between Montreal and Quebec. By car are about 5 hours, including possible stops along the way, where you can relax a bit and you can buy some food. Marks on the road are pretty well placed, so that someone who makes first road can handle. A second possibility is the way water, given that the city is located on St. Charles River.

If you want to stay a few days, you can choose between the city's many hotels, from luxury to more affordable ones. The biggest attraction in terms of rooms for rent is the Frontenac Castle undoubtedly impressive edifice of choice for many tourists. It's good to know that but the prices are quite high and there are small rooms and uncomfortable, so much beauty stays outside the castle.

The building dates from the late nineteenth century and is among the attractions of Quebec. Summer is a beautiful walk on Terrasse Dufferin known, a very wide wooden promenade and very long, filled with many tents are sold souvenirs and offering a splendid picture of the river.

Worth visiting Quebec because it has many tourist attractions, all very interesting and surprising that retains a European air. Also is worth visiting because you cannot get bored and your eyes are conquered every step of XVII century architecture, colors, cathedrals and museums, the streets that look strikingly well with those from Paris. The best view of the city can be seen from the Capital Observatory.

There is more information here about the history of the city and fortification strategies. In Quebec you really visited The River Quebec, Vieux Quebec, or, nicknamed "The Tourist Mecca of Montreal". First of all you must know that in old Quebec is hard to find parking places especially in the season because it is full of tourists and in addition are very narrow streets go on foot. So it is best that the car be left outside the entry gates into the city. Vieux-Quebec is divided into Haute-Ville (Upper Town) and Basse-Ville (Lower Town).

In Lower Town, Quartier Petit Champlain is located, with many restaurants and boutiques where you can visit the Museum of Civilization. Here you can visit the archaeological and anthropological exhibitions. Nearby there is the Old Port, which has a promenade along the St. Lawrence River.

Attraction for tourists:

• Musee National des Beaux-Arts du Quebec;
• Grande Allee;
• Parliament Hill;
• Hotel de Parlement;
• Centre d'Interpretation des Fortifications-de-Quebec;
• National Battlefields Park;
• Musee des Ursulines of Quebec Stadutele are very picturesque, full of tall, narrow houses, with warm colors and flowers in the windows. You reach a multitude of terraces and shops, beautifully arranged and of course, often with overly high prices. Here you can find a store famous throughout Canada, specializing in items devoted to Christmas and open all year. Whatever you do, surely you will leave with pleasant memories and some certainly will want to come back and another time in this city so European and colorful.