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Travel America Brazil Rio de Janeiro - The Carnival City

Rio de Janeiro - The Carnival City

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, The Carnival

Rio de Janeiro is one of the most important cities in Brazil and an important tourist center of the world. The city is known for Carnival in Rio, the beach at Copacabana, Corcovado or the Maracana stadium. It is divided into four areas recognized by the symbols that define the city after tourist attractions.

The north is represented by the largest stadium in the world: Maracana. Here are found but the most dangerous neighborhoods, so we recommend crossing them with taxi or guided tours of the city.

The central is focusing on history, architecture and the city's economy. Here you can see many attractions like: Cinelandia, Municipal Theatre, National Library, the Museum of Fine Arts, Square XV, and Fiscal Island and Fiscal Palace as a reminiscent of the Brazilian Empire, Isle Paquet, Arcos da Lap, Carioca aqueduct, Palace Catete, the station to Corcovado or the famous statue of Jesus.
Southern part is the beach, the entertainment and nightlife. Here are the vast Copacabana beach and Atlantic Avenue.
The western part, represented by the bar Tijuca is naturally hoped the city, but also the elite lifestyle of expensive condominiums. This is also the surfing enthusiasts, thanks to Barra beach, Macumba and Prainha, and the shopping enthusiasts, thanks to major malls. In this area there is also the largest conference center in Latin America's largest water park - Water Planet.

The most famous beaches of Rio de Janeiro are: Botafogo - a small beach "suffocated" by yacht, Copacabana - the world headquarters of the bikini or the beach that does not sleep; Grumari - natural beach in a protected area, Ipanema, Joa - beach for surfers, Praia Vermelha - red beach because of dark sand; Recreio - beach for families with children.

The highlight, however, remains the Rio Carnival. It takes place six weeks before Easter and is a competition between the Brazilian samba schools. It takes four days and four nights, during which they are, exposed the most beautiful and lavish costumes, dance and music in a fast-paced, full of mirth. During the carnival balls are held for many tourists.

The most impressive of these are held at the Hotel Gloria (in the lobby between more than 900 guests, and after a ball in the traditional style themed prizes awarded) or the Copacabana Palace (legend ball where are present many starts from all over the world).