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Travel America Bolivia Uyuni Salt in Bolivia - Salt Desert

Uyuni Salt in Bolivia - Salt Desert

Uyuni Salt, Bolivia, America, Piles of Salt

One of the most spectacular regions in the world, is undoubtedly the jewel of Bolivia, Uyuni Salt of, besides mine of Coipasa created and a unique place in the world, surrounded by volcanoes, in recent years become a must see of every tourist who visits Bolivia. Uyuni Salt has an area of 10,582 km square, the largest mine in the world. It is situated at 3650 meters high; the thickness of salt is estimated at 120 meters.

The land was covered by several lakes that have left behind them after they dry, an impressive amount of salt (Lake Minchin - 25,000 years ago lake Tăuc BC - 10,000 years ago BC). Tăuc Lake was formed of 3 small lakes: Lake Poopo 12,000 square kilometers, Lake Coipasa 11,000 square kilometers and Lake Uyuni 20,000 square kilometers. The highest concentration of salt left in a lake about 10,000 years Uyuni.

It is estimated that the Uyuni Salt contains 10 billion tons of salt of which less than 25,000 tons is extracted annually. Also, mine owns half of the Earth's reserves of lithium, a metal easy rarely.

Due to the large surface that is reflected when it is covered by a layer of water, the Uyuni Salt is ideal for testing and calibration of the instruments used to issue the information they study satellite earth (remote sensing). The sky is clear above the mine and the air is dry, the surface running five times better for satellite calibration than using ocean surface.

Every autumn, in November, the salt becomes breeding place for three species of flamingos: Chilean, James and Andean.

It is a very important tourist destination for Bolivia there is even a salt hotel and several islands. Salt mine is visited by 60,000 tourists annually, and those who visit this desert of salt can easily see that it is impossible to distinguish the horizon.

How to get reach Uyuni
Using public transport: Bus from La Paz-Oruro - Potosi - Sucre.
Personal transportation in any region of Bolivia.
Using companies train: From Oruro - Villazon - Tupiza.
Departures are 3 times a week; the journey lasts about 8 hours

Using air transport: There are three departures a week to saline AeroSur Company. You can embark in Cochabamba, Santa Cruz de la Sierra or La Paz.