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Zanzibar, Tanzania, Beach resort and hotels

Zanzibar Islands is an archipelago consisting of Unguja/Zanzibar, Pemba and several tiny islands. It belongs to Tanzania, and the historic city of Zanzibar (Stone Town), is included in world heritage. Zanzibar is famous for spices such as cinnamon, cloves or pepper. "Zangi-bar" is a Persian name, meaning "black people coast".

The archipelago is located in the Indian Ocean, 30 km far from the continent, measuring about 1500 kmĀ² and is home to almost one million people of Islamic religion. The climate is equatorial, with two different seasons: the warm and dry and the other hot and humid. Green season (rainy period) takes place between March and May. Average temperatures are 26 C between June and October, and 28 C between December and February. Islands are suited for a tourist destination for the entire season.

In Old Town (Stone Town) the majority of homes dating from the nineteenth century, the time when Zanzibar represent the largest shopping center in the area. Some homes are being eroded because coralliferous stone used in construction. Here was born the famous lead singer of Queen, Freddie Mercury. Calmur's restaurant is the former residence of his family.

All 25 beaches are characterized, like most tropical and equatorial islands, with quiet, fantastic vegetation, virgin places, fine white sand, crystalline waters and landscapes inspired by paradise.

Nungwi is one of the most beautiful beaches, located in the north, surrounded by banana trees, coconut trees and mangroves. Neither the eastern beaches are not less substantial: Matemwe, Pwani Mchangani, Kiwengwa, Uroa, Bwejuu or Jambiani. Changu Island is a tourist center because of the former prison used by Arabs as a place of detention for recalcitrant slaves.

Besides the five-star hotels, which have an impressive and luxurious status and housing especially tourists who do not take into account the expense, there are many 3 star hotels or other accommodation, starting from a few hundred Euros for a holiday.
In a mini vacation to rest and relax, here you can perform many activities: swimming, diving, fishing, walks, tours, cruises, or you can admire the fauna and flora of the island or ocean, which is found in impressive "forms" and "quantity".