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Travel Africa Swaziland Kingdom of Swaziland - one of the most beautiful countries of Africa

Kingdom of Swaziland - one of the most beautiful countries of Africa

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Also called the "Switzerland of Africa", in the Kingdom of Swaziland African culture and traditions thrive alongside modern luxury hotels and wildlife reserves. Swaziland is known for his landscapes of unique beauty, breathtaking waterfalls and gorges forests.

African capital of Swaziland is Mbabane and is situated in the west of the country, in the province of Hhohho. It has an area of 17,364 square km and a population of about 1.27 million inhabitants. Mbabane Ezulwini Valley lies on the north and although it is a small town has many tourist facilities. In the capital there are several handicraft centers where people can buy souvenirs for loved ones.

The people of Swaziland have preserved traditional lifestyle, music, dance, poetry and crafts having an important role in everyday life. If you like handicrafts or you are a collector, this is the perfect place from which to buy.

Once in Swaziland must visit natural reserves and national parks. Breathtaking landscapes in South Africa will delight you. Here are some of the most important tourist attractions of the Kingdom:

- Mlilwane, a true wildlife sanctuary
- Mantenga Falls
- Kruger National Park
- Hlane Royal National Park. Here you can admire lions, elephants but also plenty of antelope
- Mkhaya Reserve some of the few places where you can see black rhinos
- Nature Reserve which offers hiking trails Malolotja
- Palace of the State Embo
- National Museum and the museum dedicated Swazi King Sobhuza city Lobamba
- Mhlambanyatsi, Manzini cities and the capital Mbabane