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Travel Africa Morocco Welcome to Casablanca

Welcome to Casablanca

Casablanca, Morocco, Cathedral

Founded by Phoenicians in the 6th century BC as seaport, the small city became the 7th century AD capital of region Barghawata from the Berber Tribes Confederation.

In time (approximately 15th century), the port becomes an important refuge for pirates and was conquered by the Portuguese since become a threat. Portuguese called the port "Casa Branca" (White House). After the 1755 earthquake that destroyed Lisbon and Casa Branca, the Portuguese left the port. The city was rebuilt by the sultans. In the 19th century colonial expansion brought the first Spanish (which renamed the city Casablanca) and at 1912 French protectorate Morocco fall under. The city becomes economic headquarters of the region (political leadership already moved from Fes at Rabat).

Casablanca is a modern city with wide boulevards with endless rows of palm trees, colonial houses and modern buildings. Colonial downtown (Place Mohammed V) is a haven for enthusiasts of architecture. Different current period is intertwined, a combination of Hispano-Moresque and Art Deco.

At Casablanca, you cannot miss Hassan II Mosque, built on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, which is the largest mosque in North Africa, and the third largest in the world. Indoor space can accommodate 25,000 worshipers. The courtyard of the mosque can accommodate also other 80,000 worshipers. Its minaret is the worlds highest at 210 meters. Work on the mosque was started in 1980, and was intended to be completed for the 60th birthday of former Moroccan king, Hassan II, in 1989. However, the building was not inaugurated until 1993. Authorities spent an estimated $ 800 million in building construction. The project was owned by the French architect Michel Pinseau.

The largest public park is Park de la League city Arabic (formally called Lyautey). Near the park find Casablanca Cathedral (Cathédrale Sacré-Coeur). No longer hold religious services, but is open to visitors and a splendid example of Moresque architecture.

Old Medina (part of the city before the French protectorate) does not attract as many tourists as the medina of Fes and Marrakech towns like. However deserve seen west of Medina walls, bastion (Skala) and clock tower from the colonial period.

A popular place among locals is the island Marabout de Sidi Abdurrahman, where is the tomb of Sidi Thaalibi Abdurrahman, considered a saint in Morocco.
In Casablanca you can buy at prices worthy of cosmopolitan European cities, to sit in cafes snobbish or eat at restaurants with famous chefs. And because it is a port city, it would be better to choose fish and seafood.