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Travel Africa Morocco City of Fes - a splash of color in Morocco

City of Fes - a splash of color in Morocco

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If you like busy places, full of color and you are looking for an experience that will awaken all your senses, Fes is a very suitable destination.

Called also as medieval Medina, Fes is the third largest city in Morocco, after Casablanca and Rabat. The city is divided into three parts, Fes Bali him, representing the oldest, Fes Jdid, the new and last, Ville Nouvelle, representing the newly built area.

Where can we stay?

In Fes there are plenty of hotels for every budget. But a very happy choice may be accommodation in a riad. This is a traditional Moroccan villa with mosaics, balconies and patio adorned with pillars, usually in whose center is a fountain, all Moroccan style. Today many such buildings have been restored and brought to Western standards, extremely picturesque converted into hotels, with Moorish and African influences.

Medieval Medina

Who gets in Fes must walk through the old medina, Bab Boujeloud starting gate. Bazaar is located on a very large area, a maze of narrow winding streets, where vendors display their goods, kettles, spices, mirrors, trays, clothes, food, carpets, perfumes, jewelry, almost everything they can. From entries in workshops and craftsmen and merchants houses goods are piled, waiting for traders.

Medina was considered World Heritage and is one of the oldest markets in the world. There are people who left very impressed by the bustle that settles only at nightfall.

On the other hand, there may be dirt, pungent odors and noise makes very tired some tourists. You can still buy quality carpets, pottery and handmade silver jewelry with traditional designs, at affordable, if you know how to negotiate. However this is a rule otherwise you will pay 10 times as it worth.

Tanneries fez - olfactory experience

For those who have the power to endure stench in the area are famous tannery of fez hit. Visitors use mint leaves that keep them in your nose and are usually on terraces above this area with vessels.

Dyeing of wool and hides are in these containers, immersed to the waist. The view is impressive, in bad or good, but worth the experience. In Fes you can visit the oldest mosque in Africa, Karaouyne, but only from outside, only Muslims being allowed to enter places of worship, then Attarine Medersa Koranic School, fountain Nejjarine, Royal Palace and the Hebrew district.

The happy taste buds

From Fes cannot leave before being eaten at least once Tajine, a specialty meat or fish, prepared in a tapering vessel of clay, from which comes the name of food. Couscous is another delicacy, a combination of meat and cooked vegetables. Add to this table mandarin, jams, cracknel, pasta, salads and you have a copious dinner, maybe even more than you wanted. Because spices and combinations used, Moroccan food is appreciated abroad.

Tips for travelers:

- The street is preferable to adopt a posture that does not stand out with nothing and avoid very short or very tight clothes.
- Addressing the street a traditional Muslim woman is not the best idea, except emancipated or who provides accommodation or products for sale.
- In Morocco is consuming full tea ritual with a population of serving the drinks. It is an act of discourtesy to refuse an invitation to tea.
- If you want to buy something, just your blood, do not lose money unnecessarily.
- For relaxing moments, go to the bathroom, known hammam, massage, jacuzzi, swimming pool with thermal water.