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Travel Africa Morocco Agadir the Moroccos fortress

Agadir the Moroccos fortress

Agadir, Morocco, Mosque Loubnan

Agadir is a popular beach resort, where you can find kilometers of sandy beaches, fine golf courses and the colorful market life. The hot dry desert and the cool ocean in Agadir is located between the beach resort at its best. Although the actual sights of Agadir is not found, it is worth the time to spend in addition to magnificent beaches monitors for strolling, hiking or golfaten Morocco other cities.

Littoral and open-air life in Agadir

Agadir is a cultural blend of West African, Arabic and French tradition, but now the city is tourism, due to relatively position. Agadir's cityscape is a small jumble of old and new. Rise in the modern, white building in perfect harmony side by side with the colorful minarets. The city's most modern side there are many fashion shops, but the low cost of purchases after running worth a visit local neighborhoods adjacent commercial streets, which are much more favorable to the tourist areas.

Local markets are the souks, or attraction and an experience in itself. Crisp sparkle and colorful markets offer interesting sights and shopping bag can slip in, for example hand-knotted carpets, leather handicrafts, silver and brass, wooden handicrafts and spices. However, you should always haggle for everything.

Agadir is particularly proud of the long, white sandy beach. Nearly ten miles long sandy beach, the hotel can be found in both private and common units, and from there you can rent sun loungers. Stunning beach lined promenade of cafes, restaurants and small shops. Promenade teeming with life morning hours of the evening twilight. Daily beach crowns a cooling drink and round in small boutiques where you can buy souvenirs and souvenirs.

Trips to Agadir

While in Agadir is just not big attractions, Agadir easy access for excursions to many interesting destinations. Well worth a visit, for example, 180 km from Agadir Essaouira located an old pirate port. One of the most popular hiking destinations is undoubtedly within the country, located in Marrakech. About 250 km from Marrakech, located in Agadir fascinating streets are lined with lovely pink houses and attractions, and offers craftsman Djema-el-Fna square, or buffoon.

Agadir can hike the 520 kilometers from the famous Casablanca. Film fans are familiar with the city its title of the film, which has given a very romantic Casablanca label. And after all, the Second World War, an early center of international espionage plenty to see! Casablanca is Morocco's largest city, and there appear strong European influences. If you want to go a step further, you can visit the Moroccan capital of Rabat, which is located about 600 km from Agadir.