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Travel Africa Egypt Rules and etiquette while traveling in Egypt

Rules and etiquette while traveling in Egypt

Egypt Holiday, Rules and etiquette for Mosques

A holiday in Egypt requires knowledge of minimum rules of conduct specific to the Muslim countries. Follow the steps below to know those aspects that you should keep in mind in Egypt, to make a good impression.

Steps to follow

Step 1. Clothes. Short clothes, molded or cut only allowed on the beach or in the swimming pools of hotels and resorts. There you can walk in a bathing suit or shorts, whether you are male or female. Otherwise, it is preferable to adopt a formal outfit, covering elbow and knee. For women it is important to have shoulders covered.

Step 2. Greeting, greet & handshake. Egyptians are very friendly and eager to know everything about you and to tell you about their country. At first meeting, interlocutors tend to shake hands, smiling and looking at him straight in the eye. Handshake is done to both sides without problems for men. For a woman and a man, she is the one who reaches out first, he never having done this act before them. If she does not reach out, say hi man tilting his head slightly down.

After the first contact, the next day Egyptians greet you with a smile every time and very courteous to health care and your family. You can also do the same. It is important to show them the same respect and behave as elegant.

Between persons of the same sex, once met, are common kisses on the cheeks, accompanied by handshake. Between a man and a woman, gestures of friendship or affection are not recommended, keeping a certain distance.

Step 3. Gift. If you are thinking to make a gift to the Egyptian people, avoid flowers. While this is natural as can be for other people, in Egypt flowers are offered in case of wedding, funeral or sick. No alcoholic beverages are offered, Muslims don’t drink alcohol, according to religious precepts.

You, in turn, offer sweets, house and even useful electronic compass, since they show the direction to Mecca Muslims. The gift is offered with your right hand, not the left.

If you receive a gift from an Egyptian, it is preferable to open it later, not immediately.

Step 4. Situations in a business environment. If a business meeting, men dressed in suits, long sleeve and long trousers and women adopt more decent outfits and more sober. It is not recommended wearing jewelry on demand by men and those strident in women.

Often meetings can be interrupted by phone calls or visits. Egyptians cards are often printed in English or double-sided, in English and Arabic.

Step 5. Mosques. On visiting a mosque, visitors should have, men wearing long trousers and women dresses or pants that cover the legs and arms. The only areas of the body that may remain uncovered are the face, hands and feet. It is required to cover the head with something (scarf, hat, scarf etc.). All our shoes must be left off at the entrance to the place of worship.

Step 6. Table. When dining in Egypt, should avoid eating with your left hand and put salt in food. It is considered offensive. If you go to table visiting someone's home, when you get tired you can leave a little food on the plate. It often happens to you repeatedly provide food, even if you refuse, so leaving a little food on the plate can be a good strategy. You look so that was enough food. If take dinner in the restaurant, leave a tip of about 10 to 12% of the price.

Step 7. Visiting a private house. If you are invited to someone's home, do not forget to take your shoes off at the door. Offer the present to the host and their children. It's a polite gesture to make compliments about the house in question. If you are offered coffee or tea, it is polite and recommended to accept, whether you drink or not. One can leave the table, but elegant cup offered to accept.
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Step 8. Camera. Egypt is forbidden to photograph military buildings and security points and related personnel or soldiers of posts. There are sights where prohibited and even posed for cameras or video cameras are prohibited in those places, even if not used. Avoid photographing women wearing traditional clothing and children. Usually before making a picture is polite to ask for the consent.

Tips & Warnings

• Information about the rules of conduct and find tour guides or destination Egypt tour operators that travel. Egyptians business environment and those with high positions in companies operating in tourism is generally people who have traveled far and are therefore quite understand tourists who do not know their habits. But if you travel on your own in Egypt and make contact with the locals, these rules are particularly important.