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Travel Africa Egypt Pyramid in Egypt reopened to attract tourists

Pyramid in Egypt reopened to attract tourists

Ancient Holiday, Egypt, Kefren Pyramid closeup

Pyramid of Kefren and 6 other royal graves were reopened. After a series of renovations for several years, attractions can be visited by the public again. Decisions of the authorities are meant to attract more tourists in Egypt, after a long period in which Egyptian tourism had huge losses due to political and social tensions.

Ancient Egypt attractions reopen

Pyramid of Kefren and 6 other royal tombs can be visited by tourists again. Action taken is intended to demonstrate that Egypt is a safe destination for foreigners, according to minister of antiquities, Mohamed Ibrahim.

The renovation works included repairs to inscriptions in the tombs, paths that lead to entry into these and ventilation system inside the pyramid. Pyramid of Kefren was closed for 3 years for restoration. Tomb was built during the reign of Pharaoh Kefren of Dynasty IV. Pyramid of Kefren is the second largest in Egypt.

Among the royal tombs are open to the public and one who discovered authentic documents. Tomb of Queen Meresankh is considered one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the region.