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"Nibelungs were especially faithful"

Nibelungs were not, but the most obscure member of the suite, von Hagen Tronje, he was unconditionally faithful to Gunther. In his name, killed Siegfried and followed King Etzel, although he felt the trouble, and ended up being killed, but must not disclose to the nibelungs hiding treasure. In the years before World War crisis, "faith of Nibelungs" became the Austro-Hungarian alliance dictum. Chancellor of the Reich - Bernhard von Bolow (1849 - 1929) - first used this phrase. He wanted to underline how stable alliance and were probably not thought about who and whom it was really faithful to. After losing the war, "faith of Nibelungs" has become synonymous with blind faith and reckless, with a tragic end.
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