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What does the offering Bed and Breakfast include

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Bed and Breakfast offers type is quite common as a general definition, but they differ depending on certain factors, particularly that of the area.

In tourism, bed and breakfast expression is known as B & B. The term originated in Britain, and today is used worldwide.

Typically, Bed and Breakfast refers to an offer that includes accommodation and breakfast for a fee, without any extra (services, other meals, facilities, etc.). Most times, we find offers Bed and Breakfast in private homes such as pension.

In some cases, these houses have only two or three rooms at your disposal, which can be rented. Therefore it is a short stay client, who is on the road and spends the night here.

In general, people accommodated get separate bedrooms and bathrooms. Some use B & B option to have extra income, so they rent guest houses.

Regional differences for B & B

If you are in Rome and choose a B & B accommodation, you can have a double room with private bathroom, free internet, air conditioning, cable TV, telephone and other facilities. Extend your short stay and it may slip to the laundry to be settled.

If you're in Cuba, then you look for a "private home". You stand as a private house that rents rooms, or even an apartment. The term defines several options, from simple rooms to an entire apartment or houses itself. Generally the total capacity is up 5 to 6 people.

In Israel, B & B is called "Zimmer", which in German means "room". The variant is preferred by those who spend a family holiday or by couples in love.

B & B defines, in another case, which includes the offering of accommodation units (hotel, hostel, etc.). For example, a 4-star hotel can offer options of accommodation, B & B (bed and breakfast only), DP (accommodation, breakfast and lunch or dinner), etc.

Why should choose the option B & B

The advantage is that sitting in an informal environment, mingling easily with other customers and hosts, thus increasing your foreign language skills. If you stay more than three, four nights could sometimes get a bonus consisting of various discounts and benefits. For example get a second free meal, besides breakfast.

But one of the most important reasons to choose accommodation B & B is the price. You pay, depending on the country, relatively low prices, making it a convenient alternative to hotels.