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Vacations where you go with ostrich and submarines

Unforgettable Vacation, Nairobi, Kenya, Ostrich ride

Are you tired of mundane trains and planes? And do not you come to travel overseas by car or rent one there?

Once there, waiting for transport ways of the more unusual. Here are the craziest 10 variants of "vehicles" that will make your vacation unforgettable.

1. Ostrich - Nairobi, Kenya: While traveling on elephants are the first choice in the matter in this country, birds should not be ignored at all. The only problem: you need several attempts on feathered version of a bicycle with a wheel before you find balance.

2. Balloons - Goreme, Turkey: You need to wake at dawn, but most people who have tried I agree that there is no better way to admire the sunrise in these ancient lands.

3. Swan-shaped boats - Boston, USA: An elegant experience in the city American Public Garden. These boats (powered by the force of human arms) are a local tradition since around 1800.

4. Carts pulled by oxen- Nepal: I do not keep up the highway, but are excellent for small. And a journey through time on the winding fields of Nepal.

5. Zorba - Rotorua, New Zealand: If you do not understand, is about to get out in the valley (literally) inside a giant inflatable balls (Zorba). It seems child's play, but those who have been there say the adrenaline level increases rapidly during the descent - whether you are alone or together. Those with sensitive stomachs may require ”extra water" within the capsule for a smoother race.

6. Helicopter - Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA: A totally unique option for those who have the time to traverse on foot this natural wonder.

7. Rickshaw - India: Some call it "death machine", others resemble golf buggy sites. However, some brakes on the edge you cannot spoil the pleasure of trying it, huh?

8. The Camel - Mount Sinai, Egypt: Yes, it sounds cliché, but where will you have the opportunity to ride such a quadruped? These "taxis of the desert" can be as expensive as the motor - but a negotiation before you get in you will make you change your mind...

9. Submarine - Barbados: Clearly, not for the claustrophobic. But if you keep your temper when the door closes, you will have a sensational experience. Fish, crustaceans, corals, sunken ships ... it would be a mermaid or sea horses to have a better perspective.

10. Dog sleds - Bern, Switzerland: Do not hesitate: he harnesses his hands and shout "mush!" - No matter where you live, the only language they speak their dogs. Quadrupeds will be delighted, and you, even if shiver, you will stretch just watching them in action. Where you put that at the end of the race is expecting you a hot "strengthening drink" - for you, not for them.