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Trends in tourism adventure holidays in 2013

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2013 is ideal for travelers who want to discover new destinations, distant, full of adventure and unique experiences. From the trends of 2013 are adventurous holidays, full of adrenaline jungle safari, river cruises Exotic tropical forest edge, luxurious camping in the wild.

Here are some trends in travel for adventure holidays in 2013:


One of the trends in terms of holidays 2013 is the adventurous safari trips. You can choose destinations such as Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and Borneo to see wildlife in their natural environment: elephants, tigers, orangutans, rhinos etc.

In Borneo, for example, organizes safaris with the theme orangutans. Groups are small, accompanied by specialized personnel. A 12-day safari in Borneo cost of 2000 pounds.

Luxury Camping

2013 are fashionable luxurious camping holidays in exotic destinations. To be part of such an experience should go to places like Ecuador, Peru, Patagonia and Venezuela.

Tourists spend time on the shores of a lake in luxury tents or glass domes, which have a personal chef, and breakfast is decorated with mimosa. A vacation for a week in such a complex cost over 4000 euro.

River cruises

River cruises are in vogue in 2013. From European rivers such as the Danube and Thames rivers in the world, this is an attractive cruise this year. There are, for instance, cruises on the Irrawaddy in Myanmar, Amazon cruises, cruises in Brazil or Zambia, Botswana.

Cruises Brazilian Amazon, offers rides lasting a minimum of 3 nights. Passengers on board have conference rooms, shops, Jacuzzi, disco, restaurants. A 3 night cruise costs from 660 USD.

Locations in movies

Locations of films are fashionable holiday destinations in 2013. Those who want to see where they made the most popular Hollywood movies can go on a holiday theme. For example for the famous film "The Hobbit", you have to visit New Zealand. Wellington is the main tourist attraction for those who go to see locations from the movie "The Hobbit".