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The most beautiful destinations where to feed pigeons and seagulls

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Feeding pigeons and seagulls is one of the most beautiful and fun experiences you have tourists on vacation. Few scraps of bread are sufficient to attract birds so accustomed to crowds that are eating from the palm or do true acrobatics in the air to catch the food on the fly. Go with a friend and take with you a bagel and camera. You will have a fun experience and a nice souvenir and, not least, absolutely free.

Here are the most beautiful destinations where to feed pigeons and seagulls:

Piazza San Marco in Venice

Piazza San Marco is one of the most beautiful places in Europe where even the birds to feed from your hand. San Marco is the main public square of the city and one of the most impressive architecture. Here is the Basilica di San Marco, a representative of Byzantine architecture cathedral and symbol of wealth and power in the past Venice. Doge's Palace to the right market and the Clock Tower (Torre Dell'Orologio) completes impressive array of Piazza San Marco.
The entire market is populated by flocks of pigeons. You can buy special seeds for them if you have something good to eat in your purse.

Ferries in Greece

Tourists traveling between islands and mainland Greece often accompanied on their way seagulls. Acrobatics that make these birds and their attention to every opportunity to be fed offers spectacle for the passengers on deck.

Make sure you have bread crumbs in your pockets and throw them in the air. Catch birds in flight food and tend to fly apart long boat. Such an experience you can have in port until Sporades Volos.

Pigeons in Central Park

Central Park is one of the most romantic places in New York. Located in midtown Manhattan, Central Park is the ideal place for a walk in two, regardless of the season. The park was built in the nineteenth century.

Pigeons in Central Park are a kind of unofficial emblem of the sightseeing, bird appeared in American movies filmed here. There is a day dedicated to pigeons, National Pigeon Day.