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The gloomiest museums in the world

Gloomies Museums, The Netherlands, Torture Museum, Chastity Chair

Torture racks, weapons, concentration camps - here are some of the attractions of the worst museums in the world. From museums fun, perfect for Halloween, the museum with a real and fascinating history, unique attractions such does not leave any visitor indifferent or disappointed with the tour did.

Your travels around the world will be scattered adventures hard to forget, if you stop to the main museums with exhibits that give you chills. Here are some of the grim museums worth visiting in various regions of the world.

Torture Museum, Netherlands

In the Netherlands, one of Amsterdam's unusual attractions is the Museum of Torture. Torture Museum is a small museum dedicated to the history of torture in the middle Ages and instruments of torture used over time. Illustrations on the walls show visitors how different instruments were used and medieval punishments. The museum is open between 10:00 - 23:00 and a ticket price is about 5 euros.

War Museum, United States

Virgia War Museum is depicting American history, with a large collection of artifacts, uniforms, weapons and other military exhibits, from 1755 until now. Exhibition topics are ranging from the evolution of weapons to the evolution of women in war. The museum can be visited from 9:00 to 17:00 Monday to Saturday, Sunday being shorter program. Ticket prices are $ 6.

Auschwitz, Poland

Auschwitz is one of the funeral destinations in the world, with a dark history. Auschwitz complex is a symbol of the Holocaust and also a tourist attraction of Poland that not everyone manages to "digest". Horrors of humanity are presented here without any embellishment, so that the concentration camp is not suitable for visiting children aged less than 14 years.

Alcatraz, United States

Alcatraz is one of the most popular destinations in the United States to hunt ghosts. The island lies in the Gulf of San Francisco, and imprisonment here has a rich history. It is said that former prison inmates would be haunted by numerous dangerous who have perished in gruesome cells. Today, the former prison is a tourist attraction where tourists are organized tours for amateur thrill.