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See where you can do extreme bungee jumping

Bungee Jumping Extreme, South Africa, Bloukrans jumper

The sport of heart especially considering the feeling that you try when you throw in empty, started in Britain. The first jump was made from 75 meters, in Bristol, 1979.

Things have evolved since then, growing dizzy heights. Here are some impressive places where you can throw into space and hope that she still will not let elastic rope.

Bridge Europabrucke, Austria, 192 meters

Bridge that connects Austria with Italy through the Alps was the highest in Europe from 1963 to 2004. It's a place to make a misstep - just sitting on its edge will be strangled by emotion.

If you decided to go further, and alpine panorama looks once you launch the platform. Below you is Wipp valley, where, with luck, you will not fall.

Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa, 216 meters

All of you can jump off a bridge in South Africa. It's the Bloukrans Bridge, 216 meters high over the river of the same name. Until 1997, was the highest point on Earth, where could be done the bungee jumping.

Once you have climbed the N2 national road is not going back. Say your prayers, listen carefully to instructions and launch yourself. Here the landscape is complemented by the river that winds under and which will become increasingly threatened by sea as you approach him in the fall.

Verzasca Dam, Switzerland, 220 meters

Only on this photo and feel things start to spin, pressing your feet strong soil, grateful. The dam appears to bottomless, down to the very bottom of it, lower than you want to watch. Completed in 1965, Verzasca dam is 220 meters in height.

If, eventually, manage to look at the emotion that decreases in intensity, things will change if you want to down-load, elastic rope. Unlike other sites for bungee jumping, concrete here is scary. If the bridge in South Africa you saying that if things go wrong, can you fall ill, they may be deep enough that you do not hit the rocks, can ... This is not the case, if things go wrong, you have no chance.

Dam is famous; he began appearing in sequences from the movie Goldeneye, James Bond franchise.

Macau Tower, China, 233 meters

Built in 2001 and with a height of 338 meters, the Macau Tower started to be used for bungee jumping in 2006 (even if were not performed the jumps from the top of it), the famous AJ Hackett, a guru of elastic rope jumping.

Moreover, it set a world record, performing his highest commercial bungee jumping jump in the world.

Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado, USA, 321 meters

An attraction since 1929, Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado, hangs 321 meters above the ground. If you fear and get on it, imagine how it will be to jump there in the abyss that opens threatening.

If, however, you have heard of demons and jumped, deserve to know that you get up close to the Arkansaw river, which winds beneath a speed of 177 kilometers per hour.