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Novel hotels made by artists

Novel Hotels, Propeller Island City Lodge, Berlin, Germany, Music room

A banana room, a bed that seems to levitate, a night out in a car in the hotel room, these are just some of the artists ideas for planning the most unusual hotels.

Propeller Island City Lodge

Propeller Island City Lodge is a very original hotel in Berlin, famous for novelty cameras. Their arrangement was made by German artist Lars Stroschen in order to give customers the feeling that living in a work of art. The design of the rooms varies greatly, altering perceptions of reality: beds that seem to levitate, the rooms upside down, coffins instead of beds, rooms immersed in orange, etc. One of the first rooms arranged by the artist is that of the castle. The bed is built in the shape of the castle, and placed in the center of the room, wardrobe, your office place, and the bed is surrounded by a miniature golf game. Coffin-bed rooms cost a little over 100 Euros per night.

V8 Hotel

V8 Hotel is located in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. This destination is ideal for car enthusiasts. Each room is designed after a specific topic about cars. In fact, the beds are placed in cars, so customers V8 Hotel, even can say that they slept in the car, while having the comfort of a hotel room. The entire setting is related to highways, gas stations, car famous, various routes. The 4 star prices are starting from 130 Euros and reach 450 Euros.

Luise Kunstlerheim

Kunstlerheim Luise is a 3 star hotel in Berlin hosted by a former palace. The hotel was decorated by different artists. They used the novel themes, such as air or cups tourism, bananas and royal crowns. Hotels have moderate prices, between 50 and 90 Euros per night.

Workshop sul Mare

Workshop sul Mare is a hotel in Sicily, arranged by artists. This is a hotel-museum of contemporary art, whose principle says, only sleeping in a room, work of art is complete. The rooms have names like "voice of truth", "Mystery Monday", "nest", "energy", "prophet chamber" etc.