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Markets with food that is worth visiting them

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Food markets are one of the most enjoyable experiences you can have on vacation. In these places meet the locals, taste the traditional local dishes and experience firsthand a piece of the culture of that city or that country. Colors, textures and aromas to stimulate the appetite and invites you to try the freshest and most unusual dishes.

Here are some markets with food that is worth to visit:

Souk in Marrakech, Morocco

Old Market in Marrakech (Medina), is one of the most beautiful sights in Morocco. Situated between the ancient walls of the city, UNESCO World Heritage, medina in Marrakech has an impressive range of products, from oils to spices and delicacies.

Ver-o-Peso market, Brazil

Ver-o-Peso market is in Belem, northern Brazil and is known as one of the malls for Amazon products. Ver-o-Peso is the place to buy fresh fish from the Amazon and to try the typical cuisine of this region.

Market Wochenmarkt, Switzerland

Wochenmarkt Market, located in Switzerland, in Lucerne, is considered one of the major shopping centers for farmers. Visitors find here fruits, mushrooms, nuts and local dishes.

La Boqueria (Mercat de Sant Josep)

La Boqueria market in Barcelona is not just a shopping center, but also a tourist attraction with historical value. Market dates from 1217, is known as one of the best markets of Europe. Visitors find here a lot of food and dishes, from seafood to vegetables and famous tapas specific Catalonia region and beyond.

Borough Market

Borough Market is one of London's major shopping centers. Old market attracts producers, chefs, locals and foreigners because of diverse range of products. Market has over 100 stalls.

Mercado Central, Chile

People who visit Santiago had a chance to see the Mercado Central, a famous market for its products. Visitors find fish, vegetables, fruits and local specialties.

Shuk Ha'Camel, Israel

Shuk Ha'Camel is the largest outdoor market in Tel Aviv. Merchants sell local products, cheese, spices, and fruit.

Nishiki Market, Japan

Those who want to try something of traditional Japanese culture should visit Kyoto. Nishiki market totals about 100 traditional food sellers. Visitors discover local specialties here, including pickles, dried fish sushi. The market is so appreciated that it is called and Kyoto's cuisine.

Saleya Cours, France

In Nice flower market has become an attractive shopping center for gourmets. Originally founded as a flower market, Marche aux Fleurs is today a place where you can buy specific ingredients vegetables and French cuisine. Cours Saleya is valued among foreigners, so the place tends to be crowded during the day.