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How to travel ECO - Ecotourism

Ecotourism, Svalbard, Norway, Arctic graciers

Ecotourism is a real challenge since the mere fact of traveling is a negative impact on the environment. However, as not everyone can move only his bike and sleep in tents, alternative solutions are needed so that, to be consumed fewer natural resources.

Modes of transport

Tourists interested in environmental impact that they have their holidays, are considering alternative transport, less polluting. Long distance, a plane flight is absolutely necessary. For smaller distances, rail is a mode of transport with lower polluting effect.

Hotels ECO

There are already many destinations where there are hotels, hostels or other accommodation units constructed with minimal negative environmental impact. Thermal waters in a region are used to heat swimming pool or other facilities, solar panels provide hot water and energy, and the restaurant does not serve cooked food products, choosing local products, in rooms linens are not changed daily. Also, are helping manufacturers in the area, thus avoiding transportation costs and hence pollution.

Leisure activities

At the destination, there are several ways to experience sustainable tourism. Local transport instead of taxis, bought drinking water from glass bottles instead of plastic bottles, windsurfing instead of jet ski, boat trip with an electric motor, also bicycling are a few possibilities. Some vacation destinations are eco tours where tourists are taken to visit various locations in which to invest to protect natural resources such as organic farming.

Visited area tourist offices have complete information regarding ecotourism in the region.

Other measures ECO

Other measures, which can take a tourist on holiday, in order to protect the environment, are of the simplest. He may take care to close the light in the hotel room when she does not need, need to raise garbage after a picnic, use a less harmful transport and other such things that are handy to anyone.