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Hotels where you can admire the most interesting art collections

Art Hotels Holiday, Paris, France, Hotel du Petit Moulin room view

Some hotels are distinguished from the rest by art collections they hold. From ancient art to cubism, paintings, sculptures and masterpieces owned some hotels in the world creates a special atmosphere.

Here are some of the most beautiful hotels where you can admire the impressive art collections:

The Joule, Dallas

The Joule is a hotel in Dallas, in a building built in 1927. In The Joule, tourists can admire the silk prints of Andy Warhol called "Electric Chairs", and photographs by David Levinthal Barbie.

New Majestic Hotel, Singapore

New Majestic Hotel is a decorated with works by artists especially for him. Some rooms contain hidden messages in works of art that can only be read by tourists when they are lying in bed or in the bathtub. The House of Mirrors, people feel that they are works of art in motion. This room has walls and ceiling of mirrors.

21c Museum Hotel, Louisville

21c Museum Hotel is a hotel in Louisville, United States, where there is an impressive art gallery with contemporary art, worth several million dollars. Some works are Brazilian artist Vik Muniz signed, known for its unusual photos, food and garbage.

Gramercy Park Hotel, New York

Gramercy Park Hotel is a hotel in New York that has many unique attractions, from the rooftop club exclusive Gramercy Park. One of the biggest attractions is the collection of art signed by artists like Picasso, Basquiat, Haring, and Warhol.

Hotel du Petit Moulin, Paris

Hotel du Petit Moulin is a Parisian hotel famous for the way it was arranged. The hotel has a setting made by fashion designer Christian Lacroix. The rooms have large bathrooms and have a striking design in which different elements are combined in a unique way: wild flowers and stripes, Venetian mirrors and rugs Polka Dot.