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Holidays for singles

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January and February are the months in which to celebrate love in all its forms: erotic, artistic, emotional ... If not take part in the great carnivals of Venice and Rio, if you have a partner of Saint Valentine, then choose a holiday for singles.

Fun is guaranteed.

Discover the XXI century Europe, with all it has to offer. Destination points for those who want to travel alone are: Amsterdam, Las Vegas, Rome, and Buenos Aires.

Live in Las Vegas at night

The most popular city in Nevada, Las Vegas really teaches you to live the night life. It is one of the most famous places for fun, shopping and gambling. You can find here bars, discos, casinos for all pockets and tastes, entertainment for adults. Here you can "test" family life if you marry for a few hours in one of the many chapels.

Dare to dance Tango in Buenos Aires

Famous for its cultural offer, Buenos Aires is full of museums, cinemas, theaters and shows. You can see this drama, musical comedy, theater magazine, tango shows. Are recorded about 175 theaters and 200 cinemas in the entire city. Tickets are not expensive. These two branches of art are extremely important for those of Buenos Aires. Walking around you through streets with bars have tables out directly on the street, where all kinds of singers, tango dancers and mimes.

Do not forget to taste the local specialties such as asado, locro, empanadas, tamales, tortillas and tortas fritas of rescoldo. The streets are alive late into the night, even during the week. You can sing and dance until 6 or 7 am in the morning. Eat breakfast in a cafe before you go to bed.

All roads lead to Rome

Rome is a good choice because you get very quickly and cost you less a weekend here. You benefit more from the two days spent in one of the oldest and most beloved cities in the world.

Go to St. Peter's Square in Vatican City gets to admire the beautiful architecture of colonnades and the largest church in the world. Here you have the chance to see to see works of Bernini, Michelangelo, Giotto. Via della Conciliazione Cstel you can reach Sant'Angelo. The monument contains the National Museum. You should not miss Piazza Navona, built on the Stadium of Domitian, or Colosseum.

Amsterdam, between decadent and modern

One of the most liberal cities in the world, Amsterdam offers fans the fun things that are illegal elsewhere. Soft drugs and prostitution are not obscure. The most famous place in Amsterdam is the Red Light District. Those who seek a one night stand are the right place. If you like to visit sights to treat yourself when you reach museums, art galleries, exhibitions, parks and gardens, zoo, restaurants and spas. The surroundings are picturesque castles and country houses, windmills and lighthouses on the outskirts. If you like to browse, you can rent a boat.

Other destinations are suitable for singles in Miami, Tokyo, New York.