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Holiday destinations where dance is passion

Dance Holiday, Argentina, Tango Dancers on stage

Dance is a nonverbal language understood by everyone and one of the most impressive ways of expression. When traveling, dancing offers a unique experience that better understand local culture, passions, feelings, beliefs or conceptions locals. Discover 4 holiday destinations where passion is dance.

Belly Dance in Morocco

One of the most seductive dancing is the oriental belly dance. Morocco is a perfect destination to discover the traditions of this dance. If you visit Marrakech's, go to a restaurant where you can watch traditional dance performances.

Exotic decor with spectacular architecture enhanced by colored lanterns lights make a special atmosphere. Dancers have different performances, by type of dance: belly dance with veil, sword, caldelabru, snake etc.

Texas two-step

In Texas, one of the best ways to spend an evening is to go to a place where people dance "two-step", a dance popular in this state. "Two-step" offering tourists the opportunity to experience a typical American Series: Texan music, outfit of boots and cowboy hat, many people enjoying the atmosphere Texan.

One such local, try to learn a few dance steps or just to watch from the sidelines and enjoy a beautiful evening, authentic Texan. An advantage of this destination is that such places can be seen at any time of year.

Hula in Hawaii

Who does not like waving Hawaiian dance, performed by beautiful girls with long hair and flower garlands around the neck? A vacation in Hawaii, you can try assist and even hula. Created by the native’s centuries ago, this dance tells the story of creation and legends Hawaiian Islands. Every year in November, occurs the World Invitational Hula Honolulu Festival, an event dedicated to this fascinating dance.

Tango, Argentina

No other place is better than Argentina to experience. In different regions there are different styles of Argentine tango, one of the most famous being Argentine tango.

In this style of tango embrace are partners with chest stuck. International style, the connection is made at the hip. For a memorable vacation, go to Buenos Aires in August, the World Tango Festival.