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Game of Thrones style holiday

Movie Style Holiday, Game of Thrones, Daenerys Targaryen

Like other fantasy productions series, Game of Thrones tends to revive tourism in the region where used as a location for filming scenes. Below is real cities and areas from the world map that fans of the successful production are ready to invade them this summer.

1. Dubrovnik

Because of well-preserved defense walls of the port-city of Croatia, Dubrovnik is similar in many aspects with main city series by George RR Martin novels designed, King's Landing. And second seasons of the show have used the image of the medieval fortress on the Dalmatian coast to restore the appearance of the novel fortress.

2. Split

The old town part of the Croatian city include buildings from the Roman Emperor Diocletian time. They were used as background for actions in several scenes of Game Of Thrones, season I and II.

3. Mdina

Former capital of Malta was used as decoration in serial for the architecture over a millennium old and charming appearance of narrow cobbled stones streets.

4. Haunted Road in Ireland

Dark Hedges is one of the most horrifying landscapes in Ireland. Road bordered by beech stands for a decor and is a terrifying to watch by night with the presence of the fog. Adding ghost story in which locals believe strongly we have a landscape worthy of Game of Thrones.

5. Castle Doune

Residence of a noble clan in Scotland Doune Castle was used to illustrate Winterfell's images, the last bastion of civilization's northern Westeros. The castle is open to visitors for a fee of 5.5 pounds. Hit was also used as the setting for "Ivanhoe" and "Monty Python and the Holy Chalice"

6. National Park Vatnajökul

Natural Reservation in Iceland include also the Glacier Svinafellsjokull a place where they filmed scenes from beyond the Wall made by the fighter’s expedition in Night Watch. The national park is only 10% of the trails accessible so you better prepare your climbing gear and warm clothes. After all, "Winter is coming" is not only the slogan of the Stark house.