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Four hidden treasures waiting to be found yet

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Besides ancient lost treasure on the high seas or mines of King Solomon, other new hidden treasures related febrile imagination lit the gold seekers worldwide. From Europe to the Americas thousands of individuals trying to find the treasures that have ignited the imagination of the world.

1. Treasure of Decebalus

Gold hidden under the bed of a river during the Dacian king exile is fervently sought in the mountains of Sibiu, Valcea and Arges. For two decades, two locals on the border of three counties dug mountains hoping to find the treasure of King Decebalus.

The legend is based on the story of Cassius Dio, who estimated that Decebalus hidden under the river bed Sargetia an amount of 165,000 kg of gold and 331,000 kg of silver. Between 1540 and 1900, the gold found near the remains of Sarmizegetusa weighed nearly two tons.

2. Forrest Fenn's Treasure

When he learned that suffer from cancer, eccentric American billionaire Forrest Fenn decided to bury their gold tight throughout life. Fenn made the public announcement that he would bury the treasure in the Rockies since 1988.

American billionaire died only in 2010, and some of his buddies you say it really buried a chest of gold and precious stones in the mountains. The story still keeps blown treasure seekers.

3. Treasure of Oak Island

A well dug hard into the soil flooded Oak Island off the coast of Canada was discovered in 1795 by a kid named Daniel McGinnis. In an era of piracy, Daniel and his friends believed that it is a pirate hideout.

In the last two centuries, however, none of the explorers who tried to find the mysterious stinky but found nothing. Other speculations have gone so far, that indicated the existence of a hidden treasure of the Templars shaft 60 feet deep.

4. Treasure of Lima

Much of the gold, silver and precious stones raised by the Spanish after the conquest of the Inca Empire has left the American continent. They were housed in Lima until 1820, when a rebellion forced the Spanish Crown to seek to bring the treasure home. English Captain William Thompson was hired to transport the treasure to Europe. It killed the guards Spanish buried treasure, and when he was caught by the Spanish, ran under escort.