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Finding a hotel that accepts pets

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When you have a pet, it often becomes a member of the family itself. It is therefore normal to want to take it with you on vacation. To spend the holiday together, we need to find a hotel that accepts pets, but that is convenient for you. Follow the steps below and you will know how to find a great hotel.

Steps to follow

Step 1. Obtain a health card. Before you start to look for a hotel for both, deal the card of your pet's health. It should be the daily analyzes. Without license, basically it is pointless to look for something because almost everywhere this document is required.

Step 2. Jump to a veterinarian. One of the most informed people to guide you to such a hotel is a veterinarian. Veterinarians usually have their own pets and are likely to have spent a holiday in their company. You can suggest a hotel that already tried.

Step 3. Find a hotel by travel agencies. Another possibility is to go to a travel agency. An agent can search the database list of hotels that accept pets and you can say what the conditions of access are. Especially if you plan to travel abroad, it is advisable to turn to an agency because it will be easier to get hold of documents required to move abroad pet.

Step 4. Find a hotel online. On the internet you can always find deals on hotels in which mentions pet and conditions of access. Accommodation fee can range from 10% to 50% of the daily rate of a room.

Also find on internet forums and websites specializing in life and increase pet hotel lists, pensions, villas etc. where they are accepted and you will have the opportunity to read and reviews on it.

Things you need

- Health cards
- Internet Access

Tips & Warnings

- Before you book a hotel room, well check the terms and conditions imposed by the hotel unit. There are hotels that accept pets in specific rooms only, ie only in rooms with tiled floors and rooms at ground floor only. Other hotels accept only small and medium sized animals. Ask for details on the services and facilities of this hotel, compared with one in which you can stay with your pet. Find strengths and weaknesses;
- Ask if there is a special menu hotel pet or their dedicated service.

At the hotel itself, you should inform yourself and the destination in question. So you know where you can go out with your pet, if there are special places to walk your dog, if beaches where dogs can run freely etc.