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Famous monasteries that are worth a visit

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The most beautiful monasteries in the world offer a unique experience, because of, religious treasures they possess and the special atmosphere of these religious places.
Here are three famous monasteries that worth a visit:

Meteora monastery, Greece

Meteora monastery is considered one of the largest monastic complexes in Greece. The complex includes six monasteries built on some high rocks, near the town of Kalambaka. Only two of the monasteries are inhabited. The region was home to monks since the eleventh century, when they lived in caves. Agia Triada, for example, is a monastery dating from the fifteenth century.

The best time for a visit to Meteora is from May to October. Deals on hotels in Kalambaka start at 21 euro per night, per person. Tourists spend their holiday in Greece, Katerini resorts and Paal can make excursions to Meteora. A trip lasts about half a day and cost around 25 euro per person.

Sumela Monastery, Turkey

Sumela Monastery is a less known tourist attraction in Turkey. Located in Altindere Valley, perched on a cliff at a height of 1200 meters, the monastery offers a spectacular view of forested mountains.

Sumela is a church, several chapels and cells. Monastic shrine was founded in 386. According to legend, two priests have found here an icon of the Virgin Mary in a cave in the mountains. The present form of the monastery dates from the thirteenth century.

Sumela Monastery is located near the town of Trabzon, northern Turkey. From here you make regular trips to the monastery.

St. George Monastery, Israel

St. George Monastery is in Wadi Quelt which is in Palestine. Monastic complex is dating from the sixth century. Built on a rocky desert the monastery is inhabited by monks. Wadi monastic abode is linked by a pedestrian bridge with Quelt.

From the city Jericho you can make trips to the monastery. Some tours in Israel include a visit to this monastery.