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Famous holiday destinations for nightlife in Europe

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Summer is the ideal time to visit the best nightclubs and bars in Europe. There are several well-known destinations for nightlife and entertainment offering, because the parties here, great space, and the DJs brought from all over the world.


Ibiza is considered a hedonistic destination of Spain, perfect for those who want a fun vacation. The parties start at 23:00 in clubs and keep until morning. In Ibiza are some of the biggest clubs in Spain and beyond.


Barcelona is a metropolis that is worth visiting throughout the year, and at any time of day and night. During the day, you can visit the many sights of the city or you can go to the beach. At night, Barcelona has an intense nightlife, famous throughout Europe. In the clubs can hear many kinds of music, from techno to salsa and the best of them offers visitors an atmosphere specific of this city. The parties start at midnight and lasts until dawn.

Stockholm, Sweden

Summer is a good time for a visit to Sweden. Besides palaces, cathedrals and museums, Stockholm is known as a perfect European destination for nightlife. Joining a club in Stockholm can cost relatively inexpensive. Clubs are open until near dawn, until 4:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m.

Rome, Italy

Rome is appreciated not only for architecture and art, but even for the offer of its nightlife. Those without sleep can choose one of the clubs located in Market Square or Coppelia Pietra, on the streets near the Pantheon in Campi's or de Fiori. In Rome there are many clubs, discos, pubs and bars with nightly programs that begin later in the night.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is considered one of the best European cities for entertainment due to rich offer: pubs, clubs, casinos, Red Quarter, karaoke etc. After-hours parties can last until noon. Most parties are in the second half of the week.

Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos Island is known as one of the top destinations in the Mediterranean for clubbing. Nightlife is especially well represented by bars, which are more than clubs. In Mykonos, are invited famous DJ and entertainment offering is rich. The island is frequented by tourists coming from all over the world and is appreciated as a friendly destination for homosexual couples.

Skiathos, Greece

Among the Sporades islands, Skiathos is known as the animated holiday destination. Nightlife is concentrated in Skiathos Town, along the harbor, where several bars. The city is animated at night after 8:00, but get hot parties in clubs after midnight and lasts until morning. Entertainment enthusiasts can take a tour in several cocktail bars, where a drink can get a pretty hefty price. Placed near the sea, bars and clubs offer a view over the harbor.