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Destinations you eat the best fries

Gourmet Holiday, French fries serve

A serving of fries served in a cone or hot plate golden potatoes, sprinkle cheese on holiday can be a great snack when you make a short pause table. Discover the best destinations for eating out fries.

French fries, a long disputed invention

No one knows exactly who invented french fries. But the famous "french fries" were created either by the French or Belgians, both people disputing his title. Potatoes were introduced to Europe by the Spanish, but it seems that the first chips were made in Belgium. Some historical accounts tell that Belgians cut potatoes into strips in the eighteenth century and fried them. The idea of cutting the potato in this form would come after the model used in small pieces over regular menus.

Initially, France potatoes were considered inedible and even dangerous. Antoine-Augustin Parmentier discovered the nutritional value of the vegetables and undertook a long campaign to promote potatoes to overcome preconceptions about them. French fries became popular in the eighteenth century the streets of Paris, where they were sold by itinerant traders as "Frites".

French fries in France

In France, in Paris and other cities, you can sit at a table at one of the terraces and cafes overlooking the street. In France, French fries can be served plain, crispy and golden, with a little salt.

If you want a plentiful meal, order a croquet monsieur to receive a hot sandwich with potato portion. Besides the usual terraces for serving delicious fries can make a reservation at one of the restaurants specialized in beef in Paris.

French fries in Belgium

In Belgium, fries are served with balsamic vinegar. Soak potatoes in the sauce before being eaten.

In Brussels, French fries are traditionally beef fat and served in a cone of mayonnaise cardboard with a bow. For a generous meal at these potatoes add sausage, meatballs, hamburgers etc. Besides mayonnaise on french fries can make cocktail sauce, garlic sauce, tartar sauce or chili etc.

French fries in the U.S.

United States is an ideal destination to try different kinds of fries. Aside from the famous fast food potatoes, french fries in the U.S. can be sampled in many other parts.

In general, an American serving of fries is served with ketchup. Serve with roast potatoes longer marinade, sauce or kimchi fried chicken in the house. A characteristic of American fries is their original form. Besides the classic form of sticks, french fries can be cut rings or potato spirals.

Portions of fries tend to be bigger in the U.S. than in Europe but it depends on the location.