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Cruises ideally suited for gourmets

Gourmets Vacantion, Seven Seas Mariner, Chops Grille

Cruises attract tourists from many reasons, but one of the most powerful is the food of high quality from a vacation. With so many good things about it is hard to even want to get off the ship.

Gastronomic attractions on a cruise

Cruise lines hire famous chefs so that menus be memorable culinary experiences and preparations to be made after the latest trends. Tourists can buy delicacies from food stores on board the vessel and may enroll in the cooking lessons.

Even trips organized ashore have special culinary topics, such as visiting a palace and prepare food with an aristocrat.

Cruises - Crystal Cruises

Crystal Cruises is among the top luxury cruise lines focused on restaurants run by famous chefs. Sumptuous rooms, and the main restaurant on Crystal Serenity, Crystal Dining Room, dishes inspired by Italian and Asian cuisine, fine wines, menus changed daily are some of the attributes. They say on this cruise ship, you can have the best Caesar salad.

Cruises - Silversea Cruises

Silversea Cruises is another cruise line all inclusive with luxury cuisine. Seishin sanctuary, built in zen style, marble and precious wood, offers its customers tasting dishes made from new, including sherbet caviar, oysters and grilled beef. Silversea Cruises culinary partner, Relais & Chateaux, make menu and wine list.

Cruises - Seven Seas Mariner

French cuisine lovers and those interested in cooking lessons from masters can enter the Seven Seas Mariner cruise. Restaurant menus include classic dishes such as foie gras terrine. Restaurants are in different varieties, from the elegant French style, to barbecue sites around the pool. Passengers have the opportunity to enroll in courses Le Cordon Bleu Workshops.