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Characters that you can photograph with in holiday

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One of the biggest attractions is the holiday photos with famous characters, or at least, unusual. For children, a picture with a fairy tale is one of the best holiday gifts.

What are, however, places where you can photograph with various famous characters?

1. Walt Disney Parks

The Parks Walt Disney cartoon characters are one of the biggest attractions. The children are excited to talk to them, embrace them and make a picture together. The downside is the queues that form the autographs and pictures. It is best to go early to the park or to share with family duties, stand in different queues. Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Duck Donald are just some of the characters with whom you can live a memorable moment.

2. Roman gladiators

If you visit the Coliseum in Rome, you can go there with a very relevant place visited souvenir: a picture of you and a gladiator. There are people dressed as gladiators who pose with tourists. Photographs, however, is a fee, so you must inquire what is the price.

3. Wax celebrities at Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds museums exist in many parts of the world and there is a chance to admire about a wax statue of international stars and make your photos with it. From Obama to Michael Jackson, the offer is very generous and you can get an idea of how your favorite reality show star.

4. Statues animate

In cities such as Barcelona or Paris, tourists meet performers who embody the statues. For a few bucks, you can "give life" statue or picture you can with it.

5. Guardians of treasures

To make a credible historical sightseeing, entrance there sometimes people dressed in period costumes, which are photographs with tourists. That happens in Turkey, the Palace Topcapi, where you can make a picture of a man in suit Ottoman empire in the days of Jordan, to Petra, where there are "soldiers" that seem to guard the entrance of Al Khazneh. They do not ask for money for photography.