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Ayurveda Destinations in the World

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Ayurveda destinations are popular among tourists who want to enjoy such services. Ayurveda treatments are an alternative to conventional medicine, using 100% natural products. Some of the most popular destinations of this type are in Thailand and India.


Ayurveda is a practice known and appreciated in India for over 5000 years. In this country you can make circuits Ayurveda treatment centers for relaxation and rejuvenation. Indian spas offer clients therapeutic procedures, massages and herbal treatments and yoga sessions for those interested.

In Rajasthan, Udaipur is one of the most popular Indian Ayurveda destinations. Resorts in Goa, on the coast combines pleasure of the beach with various special treatments in luxurious spas.

Sri Lanka

Another destination is Sri Lankan with a great Ayurvedic tradition. In this country, island, Ayurvedic medicine is officially recognized. Here there are hospitals where they practice traditional medicine, research and dozens of small practitioners.

A recommended Ayurveda destination is the city Yahapahuwa a historic city that was once the capital. Another popular destination is Dambulla, Ayurveda tourism representative. Dambulla is an UNESCO monument.


Thailand is a destination of tradition in terms of therapeutic massage. Tourists can try one of the types of massage such as Swedish massage, reflexology foot or oil. Ayurveda massages are made with local herbs, plants, flowers, spices and oils.

In Thailand, many spas in luxury hotels are located in areas with lush vegetation. Such hotels are ideal for couples wanting a romantic and relaxing holiday. One of the most beautiful experiences of flowers the bathroom. In addition to treatments, visitors can taste traditional dishes and have plenty of recreational activities to choose from.