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Travel WorldNews Tops Wine Road in 10 wine destinations - Part II

Wine Road in 10 wine destinations - Part II

Barossa Valley, Australia, Winemaking of the Decades

Mosel Valley - Germany

If you thought until now that Germany is by definition the Beer Country and locals will drink only wine from exports; climatic conditions on land Nibelungs is not exactly conducive to growing grapes, well I'm sure a visit to with Mosel Valley vineyards bordering will change your mind.

The whole region is a dream not only for professional oenologist, but also for tourists found incidentally or not, on these lands.

Though hidden in western Germany, Mosel Valley is adorned with romantic villages, orderly and neat in the well known German style, gentle slopes covered by 'vineyards generous' wonderful castles on the heights ensure proud and lovely old town Cochem and Bernkastel-Kues.

But since I came here for a glass (or more …), do not miss the white wines of the region, the vineyard family, Weingut Rademacher. You'll swear then, with hand on heart that Germany is not so cold, rigid, correct to exasperation, ordered annoying and impossible to imitate, as they say elsewhere about this wonderful nation that manages to surprise everyone with some wines worthy of praise of ancient odes.

Barossa Valley - Australia

Continent of the antipodes, is not only kangaroos country, millions of sheep, hundreds of species of invertebrates that can kill a dangerous man with one bite, place unique Aboriginal culture, country continent that houses some of the most unforgiving and deadly deserts in the world. No. Not only that!

If you passed the less hospitable to this country, as a continent smaller, you deserve to treat yourself, nowhere else than in Barossa Valley. Even here, near Mengler Hill, take a break, pull your breath and admire the hundreds of hectares of vineyards, which stretch to the horizon Australian. Now draw a deep breath and relax to the glass of Riesling or Chardonnay, produced right here.

If you have a portion with sheep cheese and branded Aussie recipes made by the famous Crocodile Dundee, life comes to a different taste.

If we can go on foot, visit the churches, museums and specific clubs. So you will be permanently contaminated by the hospitality and charm of places and people of South Australia.

Milestii Mici - Republic of Moldova

On how slight is Moldova, strictly geographically speaking, it is so great worldwide when it comes to wine.

Perhaps among the most precious "jewels" of the Principality of Stefan the Great, the Milestii Mici vineyard, "beat" without the right to reply, much more famous vineyards from France, Italy or Spain.
For connoisseurs, but not just for them, the wine from Milestii Mici is a holy place in the "pilgrimage" of the wine world.

Imagine no more than 250 kilometers of underground corridors among old cellars from the time of Stephen the Great!

We're talking about a true temple "underground" wine ... A city where the streets were rightly baptized with names like Chardonnay, Feteasca, Sauvignon, etc...

Here is the world's largest cave, which houses over 2 million bottles of wine, some genuine treasures, full of divine nectar arising from exceptional year.

Sacred pilgrimage ends with a memorable meal, candlelight, including dark walls, where they stand the sleep of perfection, in the name of Dionysus, dusty bottles that hide treasure alive and older than 20, 40, 50, 60 and even 100 years .

Solid oak tables, cold stone walls, traditionally the Moldovan songs, all you do to come out shaken, fully transformed into a believer who certainly will return to the sacred pilgrimage to Milestii Mici.

Napa and Sonoma valleys - California, United States

Who says Americans know to do, just jeans, Coca Cola, movies and music of questionable quality, should not support these things in front of an oenologist.
Will be contradicted elegant, and from tip of the tongue with the question: Did you hear about Napa Valley?

Here in the heart of California, a sun-drenched more generous with the global warming phenomenon, dominates the symbol of wine, of North American continent.
The famous Napa Valley is one of the largest wine regions in the world, and the presence of quality restaurants (slow-food type), clubs and SPA resorts, also make a wonderful holiday destination.

More than 5 million visitors annually stay here to be baptized of their own, in the potions of the god Dionysus, turning vineyards here in the most popular tourist destination in northern California.

Sonoma is nothing but smaller and quieter sister of Napa Valley.

For these reasons, if Sonoma is by definition a romantic and quiet place with rich heritage charm of a European combined grafted on the trunk vigor and vitality of the American dream (as it be left of it ...)
Do not forget the wine, please. They are relatively cheap and surprisingly good for America...

Tuscany - Italy

This great province of central Italy, is a requested holiday destination that offers many unforgettable attractions and activities for people of all ages.

Tell you now that none of them compares with a wine tour through the region.

Here is the wine capital of Italy. This wine is omnipresent and omnipotent not by yesterday, day before yesterday, but since the Romans, who cultivated the oldest vineyards here in Italy, convinced by Tuscan soil and climate.

So get ready for a meeting with the civilization and culture, supported by a tour of old wine in restaurants (some for hundreds of years), and stops inspired through Florence, Siena and San Gimignano.

Can find here, most varieties classic white and red wines, but wine tasting is recommended of the region, such as Chianti and Val d'Orcia.

Do not forget to season the wine, with a portion of meat, and local cheeses. The whole combination will have a unique delight, unforgettable!